Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders

1. Your name, academic institution and contact details

Dr Evelyn Smith, University of Western Sydney,

2. Name of Chief Investigator

Dr Evelyn Smith

3. Name of University Supervisor:

Dr Evelyn Smith

4. The name of your project and a brief synopsis

Name: Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders

The University of Western Sydney is conducting a trial for individuals with disordered eating. This program is in group format for 1.5 weekly hours for 25 weeks. The program uses Schema Therapy to address the patterns which underpin chronic and persistent difficulties in individuals with eating disorders. Preliminary evidence supports the use of group schema therapy with an eating disordered population (Simpson et al., 2010). Based on the research on the effectiveness of schema therapy for personality disorders showing large effect sizes (Masley, et al., 2012), we hypothesise that this program will be beneficial for individuals with eating disorders too. The groups will be conducted by two Clinical Psychologists. The cost to attend the group will be $10 per week.

5. Recruitment Details

We are seeking people who have anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or other significant disordered eating patterns. The participants need to be over 18 years and have no current suicidal thinking.

6. Human Research Ethics Approval Number


7. Opening and closing date for recruitment

Open date – August 12th 2015

Closing date -  September 2017