The Experience of an Anorexic VoicE (EAVE) Study

1. Your name, academic institution and contact details

Dr Kay Gant (Trainee Clinical Psychologist), University of Manchester and Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust,, study website:

2. Name of Chief Investigator

Dr Kay Gant (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)

3. Name of University Supervisor

Ms Lynne Macrae, University of Manchester
4. The name of your project and a brief synopsis

Title: The Experience of an Anorexic VoicE (EAVE) Study

This study aims to develop a new questionnaire that will assess part of anorexia that we will refer to as the ‘anorexic voice’. The anorexic voice is a critical inner dialogue that many people with anorexia have described as influencing their thoughts and behaviours around food and their weight. People with anorexia have also used other words to describe the anorexic voice, such as ‘Ana’ and ‘anorexia twisted thoughts’. It is thought that the anorexic voice may be a key part of anorexia and may explain why people can often struggle to recover from this eating disorder. For example, the anorexic voice may urge people to eat less, to exercise excessively, to make themselves sick or take laxatives, or make it difficult to tell others about their problems and get help. This study aims to test a questionnaire to help researchers and health professionals to explore the anorexic voice. This questionnaire is called the Experience of an Anorexic VoicE Questionnaire (EAVE-Q). We will explore whether the EAVE-Q can reliably measure people’s experience of the anorexic voice. We will also assess if EAVE-Q scores are linked to eating disorder symptoms, mood and quality of life. It is hoped that the EAVE-Q can be used in future research to help us better understand and treat anorexia. If you decide to take part in this study you will be asked to complete some background questions about your eating disorder to check that this is the right study for you. If you are eligible for the study, you will then be asked to answer three more questionnaires: the new questionnaire (the EAVE-Q) and two others; a questionnaire about mood and a questionnaire about quality of life. We expect that it will take between 30 minutes to complete this study.
5. Recruitment details
We are looking for individuals aged 16+ with a diagnosis of anorexia. We do not exclude anyone based on weight, but we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your eating disorder symptoms, as we are looking for people with very similar experiences.

6. Human Research Ethics Board and Approval Number

This study has been approved by the Greater Manchester West NHS Ethics committee (UK) – REC number: 15/NW/0501

7. Open and closing date for recruitment
This study began recruitment in November 2015 and will continue until the end of September 2016.