Internet-based program to improve body satisfaction

1. Your name, academic institution and contact details

Name: Charlotte Lewis

Academic Institution: The University of Melbourne

Contact Details:

Phone: 0420989543

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2. Name of Chief Investigator

Charlotte Lewis

3. Name of University Supervisor

Dr Isabel Krug

4. The name of your project and a brief synopsis

Internet-based program to improve body satisfaction

This study seeks to evaluate the efficacy of mindfulness and gratitude diary-based techniques for improving body satisfaction in both a healthy and eating disorder (ED) sample. These techniques will be used together, and delivered via a free website in electronic format. A wait-list control group will serve as comparison for natural change in body satisfaction over this timeframe. 140 women (40 ED participants and 100 healthy controls) will be sought via advertisements made at the University of Melbourne and at ED services. Participation will involve the following stages:

(1) Baseline – all participants will fill out the online baseline questionnaire (consisting of measures of body image importance, body satisfaction, eating attitudes and behaviours, and overall self-esteem) and be randomly assigned to either the waitlist control group or the intervention group. Those allocated to the wait list control group will be offered the web-based material after completing the follow-up questionnaire, whereas those in the intervention group will receive access to the website immediately after completing the baseline questionnaire.

(2) Intervention – individuals in the intervention group are given access to the website, which contains a series of brief (2-3) minute videos which provide psychoeducation about body satisfaction, mindfulness exercises and gratitude diary techniques. All individuals in the intervention phase are instructed to use these resources as often as they need to. Before and after watching a video, individuals in the intervention group are asked to rate their body satisfaction at that moment. At the end of each week of the intervention, participants will also complete a body satisfaction and eating attitudes/behaviours questionnaire. After completion all participants will be asked to fill in a post-intervention assessment (same as the baseline assessment).

(3) Follow-Up – 1 month after the intervention phase, all participants in the intervention group will be asked to complete the post-intervention questionnaire again.

5. Recruitment details – who are you looking for

We are looking for females aged 18 to 40 years, who have access to the internet and a smartphone.

6. Human Research Ethics Board and Approval Number

HREC #: 1544070.1

7. Opening and closing date for recruitment

Opening date: Currently open
End date: June 1st, 2016