At Home With Eating Disorders Conference: 12 – 13 May, 2017, Sydney

April 12, 2017

The At Home with Eating Disorders conference for eating disorder carers is only a month away now (this is a non-profit conference.)

Early Bird 2 rates close on Friday 21 April

For the program, registration details and flyers go to

In addition to the keynote speakers, Prof Janet Treasure, Prof Stephen Touyz and Dr Roxanne Rockwell, we have some amazing sessions at the conference this year which are new and featuring some wonderful experts, including:

  • Developing the carer-clinician partnership; your role and how it’s recognised; getting and giving feedback; navigating the complex issue of patient confidentiality. Lisa Dawson and Sarah McMahon
  • Clinicians aren’t the only experts – treatment approaches where families learn from each other. Lisa Dawson and Belinda Caldwell
  • When restriction gives way to binging; What to say, when do you say it, and just what is the role of the carer now? Sarah McMahon
  • Keeping the good work going; What to do after eating disorder treatment “finishes”.  Nicki Wilson, and expert parents who have supported relapse prevention in their young adults.
  • ‘Cases that don’t fit the box’ – looking at ARFID, ASD, Males and Atypical AN- with Amy Talbot, Scott Griffiths and Dr Rod McClymont.

In addition the usual sessions are in there covering medical management of eating disorders in adults and young people; current treatment approaches to AN, BN and BED in adults and young people (featuring Chris Thornton, Mandy Goldstein and Claire Diffey); and Supporting and Involving siblings with Andrew Wallis.

Please promote this wonderful once every 2 years opportunity to families and carers wherever possible!