Online Resources

New Moves

New Moves is an evidence-based, school-based physical education program aimed at promoting positive body-image, self-image, healthy eating, and physical activity in adolescent girls.

Trouble on the Tightrope: In Search of Skateboard Sam

Trouble on the Tightrope is an animated web-based program that aims to improve body image and self-esteem among young adolescents. The program follows the disappearance of Sam, an adolescent who is going to take part in a family act at a carnival. Users earn clues to find Sam by completing the program modules. The content of the program focuses on puberty, nutrition, physical activity, media literacy, self-esteem, and social relationships. The program also contains interactive games and activities. It is is intended to be used over two to three classroom sessions. Upon completion of the program, children can receive a “certificate of excellence”.


MyStudentBody is an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to educate and motivate students to make healthy decisions in the areas of alcohol, drugs, and wellness, and reduce risky behaviour, such as drug and alcohol abuse and sexual violence, among college students. 

Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image

In 2009, the National Advisory Group on Body Image, Australia developed the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct to provide national guidance to the fashion, media, and advertising industries on how to be more body image friendly.

If Not Dieting Then What -

Dr Rick Kausman provides a range of useful resources which we have compiled here for use in clinical practice. You are encouraged to visit Dr Kausman’s website and investigate his approach to weight management (he works very successfully with people who are overweight and obese through taking a supportive, empathy and psychologically-minded approach).