NSW Service Plan: Developing Services

Quick Links – Service Support

Below you will find contact details for your Local Eating Disorder Coordinator, and links to request service support. The NSW Clinical Management Support Service has been developed as a place where clinicians can request case consultation, which will be forwarded to your local coordinator for follow up and action. The Service Development Support Form is a form for LHD staff members to request support for implementing the NSW Service Plan for Eating Disorders. This request will also be forwarded to your local coordinator for action, and you will hear back from a CEDD staff member the next two weeks. You can also email us anytime to request support.

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The NSW Eating Disorder Clinical Management Support Service

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Quick Links – NSW Service Plan and Guideline Documents

In this section you will find key documents about the NSW Service Plan, and important guidelines and policies to assist you in implementation of the Service Plan and your work and care with people with eating disorders.


  The NSW Service Plan for Eating Disorders 2013-2018

The NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders (the Service Plan) supports better access, good governance, innovation and improvement in quality care as key drivers of eating disorder service development in NSW.

 pdficon_small The Single Page Communication Document for the Service Plan

A 1 -page summary of the NSW Service Plan for Eating Disorders 2013 – 2018


  The NSW Guidelines for the  Inpatient Management of Adult Eating Disorders

This document is designed to be used by nurses, doctors, allied health and general health staff located in hospitals or wards without specialist eating disorder facilities, to guide in the assessment of eating disorders, indicators for admission, and management strategies.


The Adolescent Toolkit: Guide to the Inpatient Management of Adolescents with Eating Disorders

The Eating Disorders Toolkit is a practice-based manual that aims to assist health professionals in applying best-practice principles in non-specialist inpatient settings in NSW.


  Guidelines for Developing a Service Plan for Eating Disorders within your LHD

This document provides information about the role of the LHD in eating disorder service development, and overviews the steps for service planning.


The NSW Eating Disorder Statewide Implementation Plan 2014 – 2018

An outline of support structures and roles to assist LHDs in developing and implementing local service and workforce plans for eating disorders.


Governance Structure for Implementation of the Service Plan

Roles Of key structures and services in NSW related to the activities of the Service Plan

SP icon Policies, protocols and guidelines for the development of eating disorder services in local health districts

NSW Service Plan for Eating Disorders – The Launch and Annual Forums

As part of the NSW Service Plan, the CEDD will be hosting annual Forums, in collaboration with Sydney Local Health District and the Boden Institute at the University of Sydney. The first Forum was held in 2015, with attendance nearly doubling at this year’s event. The Forum provides a fantastic opportunity for members of the eating disorders community, including representatives from all NSW Local Health Districts & Networks, clinicians, specialists, and people with a lived experiences of an eating disorder, to get together and learn about the latest developments and achievements of the Service Plan,  as well as providing learning and networking for those interested in and committed to improving service delivery for people with eating disorders.

CEDD Stills 60


The NSW Eating Disorders Statewide Forum 2017


The NSW Eating Disorder Service Development Forum 2016 


The NSW Eating Disorder Service Development Forum 2015


 Read all about the launch of the NSW Service Plan for Eating Disorders

Get Help Developing Services

This page has been designed to provide information and assistance to LHDs across NSW needing to increase access to services for people with eating disorders.