Meet the NSW Eating Disorder Coordinators

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Joanne Titterton (SCHN)


Joanne is a Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Eating Disorder Service at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Jo has worked with children and young people with eating disorders for the past 21 years and has been heavily involved in the development of many training resources and programs including an online multidisciplinary program. In her current role she has also had the privileged of assisting in the development and implementation of a number of inpatient programs that care for young people with Eating Disorders.



Mel Hart (HNELHD)

mel-hart-hnelhd_2Mel joined the CEDD coordinators group in 2008. She has been working in eating disorders in a variety of roles over many years and has special interests in equity and access to health care, translating evidence to practice, service and workforce development and research. She is excited to work as part of the dynamic CEDD team.











Monique van Leeuwen (NSLHD)


Monique is a Clinical Dietitian who has recently been appointed the Northern Sydney Local Health District Eating Disorders Coordinator. Monique has been a clinical lead for the treatment of Eating Disorder patients within her district for many years. She has a lot of experience supporting inpatient teams re-feeding and treating the most severely unwell, as well as working in community settings.  Monique is very knowledgeable about the service development plans for the state and those for her district and is committed and passionate about seeing change for people with Eating Disorders.


Ute Morris (Acting MNCLHD)


Ute is a clinical psychologist from Port Macquarie who is currently acting in the role of Eating Disorder Coordinator at the Mid North Coast Local Health District. Ute has 13 years of experience in working in inpatient and outpatient mental health settings for children, adolescents and adults in Australia and overseas. She has training in individual and family-based treatment approaches to Eating Disorders and is a Board-approved psychology supervisor.





Judith Leahy (Acting CCLHD)


Judith is an accredited practising dietitian and has worked both in the public and private health sectors. The majority of her work has been in managing innovative projects in health promotion, public health and community nutrition. Judith has been working in the area of body image, promoting healthy weight, eating disorders and eating disorder service development  since 1996  at National, State and local levels. Judith has a passion for improving equity of access to treatment. In 2003 she established a specialised Early Intervention Service for eating disorders on the Central Coast and in 2007 a Day Program, which both now comprise the Eating Disorders Outpatient Service for CCLHD. Judith is very excited to be working with the CEDD and the Ministry of Health in eating disorders service provision.

Meg Vickery (Acting WNSLHD)











Shilpa Madiwale (NBMLHD)


Shilpa is a Clinical Psychologist and has recently been appointed as the Eating Disorder Coordinator for the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. She has experience in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders for children and adolescents using the Maudsley Family Based Therapy (FBT) model at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. In her research she examined motivation to recover in adults diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Her thesis was titled “A Grounded Theory Analysis of Early Treatment Motivation in Anorexia Nervosa”.  For the past two years, Shilpa was involved in workforce training, service development and clinical case consultations at Westminster City Council, United Kingdom, to improve outcomes for young people and their families by joining systemic family therapy approaches with social work. Shilpa is excited about the opportunity to work with the skills and strengths within the Nepean Blue Mountains region to develop pathways for equitable access to effective, evidence-based treatments for people with eating disorders.

Deanna Bowen (NNSWLHD)


Deanna Bowen holds an Honors Degree in Psychology, and a Masters in Clinical Social Work, and has recently been appointed the Northern New South Wales Eating Disorders Coordinator. Deanna completed her education and clinical training in Canada, and first became interested in Eating Disorders when completing her honors thesis in this area.   She emigrated from Canada in 2000, and has been working in Youth and Family Mental Health in Australia since 2002.  Over the past 14 years, Deanna has developed a keen interest and extensive clinical experience in the treatment of Eating Disorders with adolescents and their families.  Deanna is currently completing a Doctoral thesis with Charles Sturt University in the area of rural service delivery titled:  Exploring the Treatment of Eating Disorders in Rural Australian Health Settings:  Towards a Model of Effective Service Delivery.

Linda Lazar (SWSLHD)


Linda Lazar, Senior Clinical Psychologist, is the appointed Eating Disorders Coordinator for South West Sydney Local Health District. Linda has vast experience in working across both Youth and Adult Community Mental Health Services and has worked in the public sector for over a decade. Acknowledging that not all individuals will find the same therapy helpful, Linda is trained in a range of empirically supported therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy. She has specialised in the treatment of individuals with chronic and complex mental health presentations particularly, Complex Trauma, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, and a fundamental element of her work is the promotion of hope and optimism for recovery.

Linda is a passionate and determined advocate for building evidence-informed, recovery-oriented mental health services to achieve the best clinical outcomes and quality of life for consumers. She is a strong believer in developing a workforce that is appropriately skilled, equipped, supported, and resourced so that they may best assist the recovery journeys of consumers. Linda is also a strong advocate for developing collaborative community partnerships to enhance community-integrated care of consumers.

Prue Wright (WSLHD)

Prue Wright (ED Coordinator WSLHD)2Prue has recently taken up the position of Eating Disorder Coordinator for the Western Sydney Local Health District after two years of living and working in the UK.  Prue is a practising Clinical Psychologist with additional qualifications in Systemic Family Therapy, the Maudsley model of Family Based Therapy (FBT) and Education.  Prue has a wealth of experience in treating children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders and other mental health difficulties in government, non-government and private sector areas.  While in London, she worked in both outpatient and inpatient Adolescent Eating Disorder Units at Springfield University Hospital (NHS) and the Priory Hospital (private) (adults and adolescents) where she delivered individual, family and group therapy.  In Australia, Prue has provided treatment for patients with eating disorders at Westmead Hospital Adolescent Medicine Inpatient Unit (Eating Disorders) and in private practice.  Prue has also worked in the Disability Services Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Chris O’Reilly’s Youth Off the Streets and Disability Services Australia specialising in the areas of complex trauma, attachment, developmental, learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties in children/adolescents.

Prue is passionate about improving care pathways for people with eating disorders in WSLHD and is enthusiastic about working in partnership with the various services in WSLHD and state-wide Coordinators to ensure that people with eating disorders in NSW receive the best and most effective evidenced based treatments.