NSW Eating Disorder Coordinators

The Eating Disorder Coordinator is able to provide clinical consultation and support to teams treating people with eating disorders. As part of the consultation, the Eating Disorder Coordinator is able to provide the following support:

  • Clinical consultations in the case formulation and treatment planning – this includes advising on treatment plans, referral pathways, and supporting the referral process by providing information and forms.
  • Note: The service involves consultation only and is not shared care for the patient. It is the responsibility of the treating team to seek and follow up on input from the Eating Disorder Coordinator.
  • Clinical supervision to individual clinicians to build the skills and competencies of clinicians in the assessment and treating of eating disorders
  • Resources on the screening and assessments of eating disorders – including screening tools as well as medical and psychological assessment forms
  • Provision of structured training to build capacity of services in screening, assessing and treating eating disorders

Please note that the coordinator is not able do the following:

  • Provide a crisis service
  • Undertake assessment and treatment for patients and/or families
  • Automatically case manage patients with eating disorders, but can provide support to case managers.
  • Take on the role as lead clinician or care coordinator

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