CEDD has collated and developed a range of resources to support health professionals who are working with people who have eating disorders.

In this section of our website, you will find our ‘Practitioner Database’, a resource to help consumers find practitioners with the qualifications, skills and experience to work people with eating disorders. If you would like to register your practice details on our Practitioner Database so that people with eating disorders and their family/carers/friends can search for and locate you, please register below in the section titled ‘Practitioner Database’.

This part of our website also contains many useful and informative documents and resources to help health professionals working with people with eating disorders provide the best care possible to these patients. Resources include assessment tools, clinical practice guidelines, clinical case studies, and articles.

Included among these resources are many of the resources that are available on the CEDD’s Online Program, which addresses the nature, identification, assessment and treatment of eating disorders (please CLICK here for more information on the program, or to login or register). You can easily find these resources within each section as they have been marked with the following: “(Online Learning resource)”.

If you have any papers or links to suggest for the library, email us: info@cedd.org.au

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