Carers of people with an eating disorder

  • Please also refer to THE BUTTERFLY FOUNDATION WEBSITE which also has some useful information for carers
  • Finally we could recommend a book called Skills-based Learning for caring for a loved one with an Eating Disorder (Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith and Anna Crane).

Eating Disorder Services

A list of NSW services (public and private) providing assessment and treatment for people with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and other Eating Disorders,  is available on our website via the FIND A PRACTITIONER link. See the FAQ for OBESITY below.

For Adults 18+

  • See our BEGIN RECOVERY pages for information about treatment services.
  • In Sydney, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown offers an outpatient service to individuals aged 18 and over with an eating disorder.   For an appointment please call 9515 1430. However, please note that there may be a waiting list of several weeks.

For people under 18

  • See our BEGIN RECOVERY pages for information about treatment services.
  • Please contact either the Sydney Children’s Hospital Eating Disorders Unit at Randwick on 93821111 or the Children’s Hospital Westmead on 98452446 (Aged 12 -16).

Eating Disorders Telephone Support

CEDD does not provide a telephone support line. Please contact:

  • EATING DISORDERS HELPLINE: Butterfly Foundation Phone: 1800 334 673
  • LIFELINE : 131114

Intern Requests

Internships are limited and arranged directly with Tertiary Institutions through Psychology Masters and Doctoral programs.

Media Requests

Please submit any media requests to admin@cedd.org.au and provide details of your requirement.  However, please note the admin position is part time and your email may not be responded to immediately.

Obesity Services

While obesity itself is not an eating disorder, many people who are overweight or obese may have symptoms of an eating disorder, such as binge eating.  Many service providers in our FIND A PRACTITIONER database treat people who are experiencing binge eating.

Otherwise, public Health treatment for Obesity is available at the Metabolism & Obesity Services Clinic at RPA Hospital if patients BMI exceeds 35kg/m2 (Tel: 9515 4220) or the Obesity Clinic at Westmead Hospital (98456544)

Online Learning in the Diagnosis, Assessment & Management of Eating Disorders

Our Online Training program is available for all health professionals wishing to increase their knowledge of Eating Disorders.    For further information about the course and registration access our Online Learning page.

Online learning problems/FAQ

If you are experiencing any problems with the online learning program it is likely that this is caused by either poor internet access or your computer hardware.
CEDD therefore requests that before contacting us you either try again later and/or attempt access from another computer.

Student Requests

Due to limited staffing resources at CEDD we are unable to assist individual students with information for projects.   However, there is material available on our website that may be useful.   Please also refer to the BUTTERFLY FOUNDATION WEBSITE


We love volunteers. There are so many things we hope to do and achieve and volunteers can help us make some of our dreams a reality. However, there are only a number of opportunities for volunteering with CEDD. If we have specific volunteer positions available, these will be advertised on our current vacancies page. If not, and you are a psychology student or professional please feel free to email your CV and a letter outlining what you wish to contribute to the organisation to admin@cedd.org.au  Please note that CVs will only be retained for six months.