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Binge Eating eTherapy (BEeT)

The Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD), in collaboration with NSW Health, has developed a self-help, CBT-based online treatment program for binge eating disorder and/or bulimia nervosa titled Binge Eating e-Therapy (BEeT). The online program has been carefully created by a team of eating disorder researchers and specialists, as well as eStimulation experts at Macquarie University. It will provide evidence-based treatment in an online environment, attempting to address the difficulties which individuals with eating disorders experience in gaining access to effective treatment due to barriers of geography, privacy and convenience.

About Binge Eating eTherapy (BEeT)

The BEeT program consists of up to 10 self-paced sessions employing low-intensity CBT over a number of weeks and actively engages patients through the use of live action therapy with a face-to-face, pre-recorded therapist.  Each of the five sessions provide specialised elements including as psycho-education, personal stories, interactive activities, as well as providing ongoing motivation and encouragement.

A further “My Tools” section of BEeT hosts treatment tools which enable participants to record information about their activities throughout the duration of the program. These include the Food Diary (allows participants to record their eating habits and compensatory behaviours), Thought Diary (allows participants to record moods, thoughts, and structure reflections), and Feared Foods Activity (allows users to record plans and results of behavioural experiments).

*BEeT is currently being researched by CEDD. To register your interest or to participate in future research opportunities please contact the team at

*The study has been approved by the Sydney Local Health District Ethics Review Committee, (Protocol No X14-0302 & HREC/14/RPAH/397).




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