Community Management of Eating Disorders

The ‘Community Management of Eating Disorders’ training (eLearning training & webinar) provides a comprehensive ‘starter pack’ of skills and resources for community clinicians working with people with eating disorders.

This training provides relevant professional development in the area of Eating Disorders suitable for Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Dietitians, Psychologists and other allied health professionals.

This training can be completed at your own pace and both the eLearning training and webinar will take approximately 1 hour each to complete.


The eLearning training is a highly interactive online course that includes expert videos, role-plays, interactive exercises, quizzes, assessment tools and resources.

The webinar and eLearning training will provide you with a basic understanding of current thinking on identifying, screening and assessing people with eating disorders; effective strategies to support the needs of people with eating disorders; identifying challenges in treatment and understanding care planning and coordinating services for people with eating disorders.


eLearning Training: Management of Eating Disorders in the Community

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NSW Health subsidises this training for NSW Health employees. To find out if you are eligible for subsidised access please link in with your local eating disorder coordinator click here


‘Providing care in the community for people with eating disorders – a specialist insight into engagement and treatment’

Broadcasted live on the 9th May 2017.
Facilitator: Dr Jan Orman (GP & Psychotherapist)
Speakers: Dr Steve Lyon (GP), Dr Karen Spielman (GP) and Nicole Gibson (Lived experience).

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