Triage and Assessment

Guidelines from NSW

pdficon_small  Triage guidelines (Department of Health)

pdficon_small  Triage (Department of Health)

pdficon_small  Guide for medical assessment (SCHN Westmead)

pdficon_small  The medical examination (CEDD)

pdficon_small  Schema for medical history taking (CEDD)

pdficon_small  Nutritional assessment (DAA)

pdficon_small  Mental health assessment (CEDD)

pdficon_small  GP medical assessment template – Physical and biochemistry table (CCLHD)


Guidelines from other states

pdficon_small Triage guidelines (VIC, Department of Health)

pdficon_small First aid for eating disorders (VIC, Mental Health First Aid)

pdficon_small  Early identification and management (WA, Hospital School Services)


A guide to admission and inpatient treatment (QLD, Queensland Eating Disorder Service QuEDS)


Guidelines from other countries

pdficon_small  Eating Disorders Toolkit (UK, Sheffield Eating Disorders Service)

pdficon_small  Adult intake (USA, South Community Inc.)