Inpatient Care

Guidelines from NSW


pdficon_small  Care Plan (SLHD)

pdficon_small  Inpatient admissions (CCLHD)

pdficon_small   Inpatient Management of Adolescents Toolkit (NSW)

pdficon_small   Inpatient management of adults (CEDD)

pdficon_small  Referral and admission to inpatient (SLHD & SWSLHD)

pdficon_small  Infants and Children: Acute Management of Seizures (NSW Health)


Admission criteria:

pdficon_small  Adolescent inpatient criteria (Department of Health)

pdficon_small  Adult indicators for admission (NSW Health)



pdficon_small  Adult guidelines endocrine (WSLHD)

pdficon_small  Enteral feeding (RPAH)

pdficon_small  Refeeding flowchart for children (SCHN Westmead)

pdficon_small  Refeeding guideline (Department of Health)

pdficon_small  Refeeding policy (RPAH)

pdficon_small  Infants and Children Insertion and Confirmation of Placement of Nasogastric and Orogastric Tubes (NSW Health)


Guidelines from other states


pdficon_small  Clinician’s resource pack (VIC, Eastern Health CYMHS)


Inpatient leave (QLD, Queensland Eating Disorder Service QuEDS)


Weight chart (QLD, Queensland Eating Disorder Service QuEDS)

pdficon_small  Practice recommendations for nutritional assessment

pdficon_small  RANZCP Clinical practice guidelines (RANZCP)


Guidelines from other countries

pdficon_small  Guide to medical management (USA, Academy for Eating Disorders)

pdficon_small  MARSIPAN (UK, Royal College of Psychiatrists)

pdficon_small  NICE Core interventions (UK, NICE)

pdficon_small  Practice guideline (USA, American Psychiatric Association)