Complimentary Acess to Online Learning

Following the announcement of the NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders 2013 – 2018, there has been an increase in requests for complimentary access to the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorder’s Online Learning Programs from LHD clinicians who are eager to increase their knowledge and skills in the nature, identification, assessment and treatment of eating disorders.

If you are a NSW Health clinician you are eligible for complimentary access to the CEDD’s Online Learning Programs. If you would like to request complimentary access to the Online Learning Programs, please follow the instructions below:

1. If you are a clinician who wants complimentary access to Online Learning, please contact the coordinator of your LHD and request access, providing your first and last name and email address.

2. The coordinator confirms eligibility and forwards your details to CEDD admin.

3. CEDD admin emails you with the steps to access the Online Learning, cc’ing the coordinator.

4. After you have registered and CEDD admin receive your registration form, you will be granted complimentary access to the program. CEDD admin will then email you the login information, and cc the coordinator.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the CEDD at

Your LHD contacts for requesting complimentary access:


  • Hunter New England (HNELHD) – Mel Hart
  • St Vincent’s Hospital Network (SVHN) – Susan Hart