Access Treatment

If you think that you are experiencing the effects of an eating disorder, or that you may be developing an unhealthy relationship with food and/or your body, it is really important that you seek professional help.

The sooner people experiencing eating issues are engaged in appropriate treatment, the greater the likelihood of recovery. If they are left to go on, eating disorders cause serious physical and psychological problems and sometimes result in death. They also contribute to disturbances in self-esteem, they can have devastating impact on relationships, on work and on education, they perpetuate personal dissatisfaction with life and erode confidence, creativity and happiness…the list of damaging effects is endless.

The eating disorder will try to convince you that you do not need help, that you are not sick enough, not worthy enough or not important enough. This is not true; you cannot trust It; It lies…that’s how it keeps people in its grip. Seeking help is the first step towards turning your back on the eating disorder and regaining power and control over your own life. It is possible to recover and it is possible to feel good about yourself and your life without focusing on food and weight.

These pages have been established to help you get assistance from a professional or service that will help. Please note that most of these services are not for people who experience problems with obesity, nor do they provide for those wishing to lose weight.

This site provides information about services to help people with eating disorders and seeks to provide information about a range of services. However, appearing on this website should not be considered a recommendation by the Centre for Eating & Dieting Disorders. The services and professionals listed here have submitted their names and details for publication and although every effort is made to ensure that only experienced and qualified professionals are included, consumers/carers are advised to make their own inquiries as to the services provided and the qualifications and experience of the individual providers and organisations listed.