Key Functions

The Centre has a number of key functions:-

  • To promote awareness of eating disorders as serious mental illnesses, that require treatment and in many cases can be cured
  • To contribute to policy development for the treatment, prevention and cure of eating disorders
  • To improve access to services for people in NSW who have an eating disorder, and their carers
  • To provide support to clinicians in NSW who have taken on the care of people who have an eating disorder
  • To conduct and foster research into the eating disorders, their aetiology, treatment and cure.
  • To educate and train the health workforce in evidence based medicines and treatments for people with eating disorders
  • To support other organisations working for the betterment of those afflicted by these mental illnesses
  • To contribute to the development of prevention and early intervention policy and interventions to reduce the incidence, duration and burden of eating disorders
  • To collaborate and cross-fertilises ideas with experts in the fields of obesity, body image and other related disciplines to promote broad spectrum Public Health.