Governance & Staff

NSW is fortunate to have a group of dedicated eating disorder specialists working in both clinical practice and research, as well as a robust consumer and carer support organisation (the Butterfly Foundation). Together this network of individuals and organisations has the capacity to continue to improve the services available to people with an eating disorder, the quality of care they receive, the prognosis and outcomes, and to contribute to the scientific literature in this field. CEDD Staff seek advice from this rich network of specialists and consumer/carers. In addition, CEDD is supported by an Advisory Council including:


Professor Ian Caterson
Professor Ian Caterson Since 1997 Ian Caterson has been Boden Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Sydney and is now Foundation Director of The Boden Institute of Obesity Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders at the University. Previously he was Director of Clinical Endocrinology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He established Metabolism and Obesity Services in 1984 at the Hospital.


Professor Stephen Touyz (Chair)

Professor Steve Touyz

Stephen Touyz, PhD., FAED  is a professor of clinical psychology and honorary professor in the discipline of psychiatry at the University of Sydney.  He is also the Chair of the executive committee of the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders.  He was the Professor responsible for the clinical psychology postgraduate training programme at the University of Sydney from 1996-2012.  Professor Touyz is also a senior consultant to the Adult Eating Disorders Program at Westmead Hospital which he founded in 1988.  He is a former head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Sydney.  He was also the inaugural treasurer of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders.   He is the Co-editor in Chief of the Journal of Eating Disorders and a member of the editorial advisory boards of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, European Eating Disorders Review and Advances in Eating Disorders: Theory, Research and Practice.  He is also a member of the steering committee of the national collaboration on eating disorders funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.  In 2012, he was given a Leadership in Research Award by the prestigious Academy of Eating Disorders (USA).


Professor Janice Russell
Professor Janice RussellJanice Russell, MBBS, FRANZCP, FRACP, MFCAP, is Clinical Professor in Psychological Medicine at the University of Sydney, NSW. She is also Director of the Eating Disorder Programs at Northside Clinic, Greenwich, and Missenden Psychiatric Unit, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, NSW.

Tony Carroll
Tony Carroll

Chartered accountant.  Tony is a former international tax partner with PWC and now chief executive of Alchera Partners in Sydney.  He has extensive experience advising clients both in Australia and abroad on taxation and related financial matters.  Tony is on the board of a number of not-for-profit organisations and in that capacity has been chair of the board and finance committees of such organisations.




Kirsten Bruce

Kirsten Bruce
Kirsten is an award winning health and wellness communications strategist with 20 years experience. Qualified in PR, journalism and international relations, Kirsten provides strategic communications counsel to local and international pharmaceutical, biotech, and community health and wellness sectors. She also provides counsel to non-for-profit health professional and patient organisations. In July 2002, Kirsten established VIVA! Communications, an independent Australian health and wellness communications agency. She launched the digital arm to the company in march 2013. Kirsten has launched hundreds of treatments for various diseases and conditions, media trained leading health professionals, managed countless health-related issues and crises, conducted clinical trial recruitment communication programs and developed digital media solutions.


Dr Sarah Maguire – Director & NSW Statewide Eating Disorders Coordinator

SarahSarah is a clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience as a clinician and researcher working with people who have an eating disorder.  She is the appointed statewide coordinator for eating disorders to NSW Health, and is responsible for policy and implementation of service change throughout NSW. Sarah is passionate about changing the way these illnesses are treated within the health system and the development of a centre for research and clinical excellence for eating disorders providing policy leadership, clinical innovation and translation, and research that changes practice.

Danielle Maloney – Deputy Director

danielle-maloneyDanielle has an Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters in Public Health as well as an International Masters of Mental Health Policy and Services. She has worked for over 20 years in public health with the last 16 years in the mental health sector. She has worked more recently on clinical service redesign and clinical interventions to address early psychosis, personality disorder, eating disorders and clinical responses to trauma, abuse and neglect.  Danielle is passionate about child, adolescent and youth mental health, in particular about early intervention and ensuring a client focused, trauma informed approach to the delivery of mental health services. She is also passionate about redesigning systems and translating research into practice to ensure that clients and their families get access to the best quality care possible.



Sarah Horsfield – NSW Workforce Development Officer

Sarah HorsfieldSarah Horsfield is the Workforce Development Officer for CEDD which involves coordinating and managing training programs in eating disorders for clinicians across NSW.  Sarah is also one of the Project Managers for the eating disorders eClinic and is overseeing content development for this project.  Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked across specialist inpatient, day program and outpatient settings for eating disorders.  Previous roles have involved clinical delivery, research, service and workforce development and supervision and training.

Kirsty Fromholtz – Project Coordinator (Digital & Research)


Kirsty Fromholtz

Kirsty Fromholtz is currently coordinating CEDD’s digital projects. With a background in psychology and the performing arts, Kirsty has working in a variety of health and community settings, using the arts as a therapeutic intervention. A growing interest in technology has led Kirsty to pursue further study in computer science.


Blagica Miceska – Project Officer


photo 2 (1)Blagica Miceska is a Research Assistant for the CEDD. Blagica graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) in 2011, and her thesis explored the relationship between gambling and counterfactual thinking. In 2012, Blagica spent some time working as a casual research assistant at the University of Wollongong. Blagica combined her interests in research and eating disorders and joined the CEDD team in early 2013. She has assisted in the development of various eating disorder research and treatment projects, and is excited to continue her innovative work with the CEDD.




Stephanie Boulet – Communications

stephanie-boulet-2Stephanie Boulet is a multi-platform journalist at the ABC. She is currently studying Psychology at the University of Sydney and hopes to specialise in the care of eating disorders.






Patrick Eades – Programmer


Patrick is a developer and technical consultant. He is passionate about clean, simple solutions and leveraging technology and data to improve processes. Patrick is currently working on a variety of CEDD’s online projects.



Peta Marks – Expert Curriculum Writer

Peta Marks

Peta Marks has been working in the eating disorders field for 20 years in a variety of roles. She specialises in project management, professional development, education and eLearning. Peta is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and Family Therapist. She has worked for CEDD in eSpace development since 2008.



Rachel Brownlow

Rachel BrownlowRachel is a current Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD Candidate at The University of Sydney. Her research will examine the therapeutic potential of oxytocin as an adjunct to nutritional rehabilitation for women with anorexia nervosa, as part of a randomised control trial. Her areas of interest include the effectiveness of oxytocin on global eating disorder psychopathology, patients’ engagement in treatment, and their interpersonal relationships. This research hopes to illuminate the potential of oxytocin to significantly improve outcomes for this vulnerable population.

Alice Kesby

Alice Kesby

Alice is examining novel treatments to target meal anxiety, eating disordered rituals and cognitive rigidity among inpatients with Anorexia Nervosa. We hope to determine the effectiveness of Oxytocin in reducing these key symptom domains, as they currently impair engagement with treatment and thwart successful nutritional rehabilitation.


Sarah Barakat

Sarah Barakat

Sarah is examining the effectiveness of a CBT-based online treatment program developed by the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD) for patients suffering from Binge Eating Disorder and/or Bulimia Nervosa. The program titled, Binge Eating e-Therapy (BEet), consists of eight self-paced sessions employing low-intensity CBT over a 6-week period. Despite the extensive nature of the 6-week program the study will endeavour to examine more closely one element of the program online treatment program, namely the food monitoring component. We aim to determine if food monitoring, which has been suggested in the literature to be the most ‘potent’ component of CBT therapy, does in fact bring about significant change in the bulimic symptomology via an online treatment form.


Nicholas Neale

CEDD profile photo

Nicholas Neale is a research assistant at the CEDD. He graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons in Psychology) in 2015, and his thesis examined the role of timing in behavioural conditioning and extinction. Nick is currently a student in the Master of Clinical Psychology program at the Australian Catholic University. At completion of his clinical training, Nick would like to work alongside individuals with eating disorders from a recovery-oriented framework. Nick is excited to contribute to the ongoing projects at the CEDD.

Zsuzsanna Dominika Ihar

zsuzsannaZsuzsanna Dominika Ihar is a volunteer research assistant at the CEDD. She is currently finishing her final semester, majoring in Sociology, Gender/Cultural Studies and Immunology, at the University of Sydney. She plans on pursuing honours in Sociology and Social Policy, with her proposed thesis examining the relationship between clinical staging models and the discursive construction of an eating disorder. Her paper will specifically focus on illness narratives/timelines, as well as the impact of the CASIAN on how illness progression and severity is understood by both patient and clinician. Within academia, Zsuzsanna is especially interested in epidemiology, public health policy, organisational/social research, social statistics, and community health. In her spare time she enjoys coding, photojournalism/writing, and community work. She would like to contribute to the creation of policies and clinical instruments which move beyond a reductionist understanding of eating disorders, taking on the challenge of complex treatments for a complex illness.


Bronwyn Carroll

Bronny Carroll

I am a mother with a lived experience of an eating disorder and a long-time carer for my daughter who continues to struggle.  In all these years I have become more determined to do all that I can to raise awareness of the difficulties around understanding eating disorders and to improve communication in the broader community.

Most importantly assisting those dedicated clinicians, health workers, patients and families is of paramount importance.  To that end I have the privilege of sitting on government steering committees, advising the board regularly on consumer and carer matters, and participating in the development of our programs.

Cassandra Stewart

Cassandra Stewart

Hi, my name is Cassandra. Having had anorexia nervosa for 10 years and being fully recovered for another 10 years, I now have the opportunity as a consumer consultant to voice what really does help to facilitate holistic and sustainable recovery. My journey saw me admitted to seven different inpatient and day patient programs, as anorexia is a complicated disorder and life threatening too. Through this,I learnt, not only what is helpful and unhelpful in treatment, but also that full recovery is possible. With finding truths, hope and good support I further found that not only was recovery possible but that it equates to discovering a life of freedom, healing and adventure. I am loving this new path beyond anorexia nervosa that I am now on and want to do my best to help others step onto the bright path that lays before them too.


Dr Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan

I am a GP and Mum with a lived experience of an eating disorder. I strive to use my medical and life experience to improve services, reduce stigma, and improve outcomes for people with eating disorders and their families.